One of my favorite parts of our Sunday morning gatherings is coffee hour. If you attend regularly or have ever attended Washington Plaza, you know that our coffee hour is more than coffee. It has morphed into a meal and even some weeks a very fancy meal!  And, even though plans are in the works
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Facebook, Twitter and All the Rest . . .

There is no doubt that our world is always changing through the blessings of technology. When my older pastor friends tell me about the days without email, I just have a hard time believing how one could do my job without it. The way we communicate with each other is quicker, frequent and often to
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Beauty of the Church ed. 1

When people want to know why is it is that I spend my time proclaiming the message of what some all an archaic institution or the crutch of a religious life, what they normally want to hear are stats of how many attended worship or how many new members we have, etc. But, what I
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Can Anyone Preach?


Over the course of the December holidays had several opportunities to be in worship settings that I would not have attended if I knew what was going to be said . . .   In these settings, I heard words come from the pulpit like: Quoting Isaiah 9:6: “We hear that Jesus is the Counselor. Now
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Time to Help Haiti

I know if you are like me, watching the images of the devastating after effects of the earthquake in Haiti causes your stomach to churn. It is so sad to see a country that was already dealing with an oppressive government and raging poverty, now facing such a loss without the infrastructure to deal with
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State of the Church Address

One of the new traditions that I began on Sunday was a yearly “State of the Church Address.” The idea being that it gave me a great opportunity to give pastoral voice to all the events that have occurred (or not occurred) in the life of our church over the past year. I felt it would be a
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Life Together


We are a growing church. Growing is good. But, growing pains have come to some groups and ministries. There are some folks looking around saying: “This is not what the way we used to do before” or “I’m not sure I can learn to work together. I’d rather just do things my way alone”  or “Being community is
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Prayer for the New Year


If you are a pastor or liturgist at your church and you don’t own the book: Prayers and Litanies for the Christian Seasons by Sharlande Sledge, you are really missing out. This is a wonderful book of thoughtful and thought provoking worship tools. On Sunday morning, I shared this prayer, with the congregation as the
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Full-Time Pastor

It is a New Year and also a new day for pastoral ministry at Washington Plaza Baptist Church. Beginning on January 1, 2010, Washington Plaza has employed a full-time pastor. Faithful blog readers you may not have known (or even some loyal attendees of the church for that matter) that when I signed on to be
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