Being on the Other Side


I visit a lot of folks in the hospital as part of my job. I know how to find clergy parking. I know how to hunt folks down when the hospital staff isn’t as helpful to tell you where a patient is. I know how to sit with a family as they wait for the
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Memories of Summer

In churches, summer is the time that most pastors, ministries and worship attendance drops or slows down. Few churches have many expectations for summer, it seems. Though we are trying not to be most churches (and have successfully maintained around our average attendance in the summer as if it was spring), I have to say that
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Feeling the Support


The American Baptist Churches USA reccomends that each congregation hold a Pastoral Relations Committee with their head of staff. This committee is to be a group of people that meet regularly with the pastor to serve as sounding board both for the concerns of the pastor, but also for the church. The folks selected to
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Communion for All or Maybe Not?


I went to mass on Saturday- for a wedding in Naples, Florida. It was a reversal of roles for me. Instead of doing the wedding, I was in the wedding as a bridesmaid along with Kevin who was the Best Man.  I was happy for the break and glad to be there to support our
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Vacation Wisdom


Sometimes not making any plans can be the best plan of all. When a town local tells you it is just a 15 minute walk, this isn’t necessarily true. It make take you more than 45 minutes to get there due to having no idea where you are going. Having a view of the beach from your
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Thank God for Vacation

I will be out of the office for the rest of the week and return again on Tuesday. I’m thankful for all who will hold down the ship while I’m away- Deb in the office, the Outreach team during Family Fun Night this Friday, Richard, during Sunday School, Joe, in the pulpit. I have full
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Good Family News

About 2 weeks into my tenure at Washington Plaza, we got difficult news. After planning and reorganizing our move based on my job and Kevin’s job, signing a lease agreement on a place to live, and so much more, we heard the most unexpected: Kevin’s job would be ending soon. His employer decided they could make more
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In the Seventh Month

I’ve been at this preaching every week now for nearly seven months every single week. Wow, is really my only response. I believe to some this will sound like no big deal. “It’s your job, right?”  And, while I do love preaching and would never complain for an opportunity to do it, I have to
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Evening Prayer

Prayers for peace have been on my heart and mind lately especially as I think of the members of our congregation that are facing periods of illness, surgery and life changing desicions. I have always loved this prayer and we even sang the hymn version of this prayer last Sunday in worship after communion. I share
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Thinking Big


I have to say, I walked away from a church finance committee last night pretty proud of the folks I’m working alongside. Our group is in the process of planning for the stewardship campaign for this fall. I won’t give away any of the campaign ideas quite yet (you’ll just have to stay tuned to
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